Health and Environmental Safety Research Program

This program will conduct systematic research on methods of assessing and managing health- and environment-related risks such as transgenerational effects and risks to higher-order biological functions, new systems for assessing ecological impacts, more comprehensive analyses and improved understanding of environmental dynamics of chemicals, research on PM 2.5 and other air pollutants, and on regional water environment conservation. This research will be accomplished by means of eight research projects (PJ): Health impacts of chemicals on children and future generations, comprehensive analyses of multiple and unknown chemicals, ecological risk assessment based on ecological models, comprehensive assessment of ecological impacts, multi-scale chemical dynamics, the state and impacts of PM 2.5 and other air pollutants, development of methods for improvement and assessment of regional water quality, and building a comprehensive system to assess and manage risks. By these means the program will establish systems to assess health and environmental risks, for which there is currently no established approach, monitoring and prediction systems, or comprehensive and effective management framework.